Our Purpose

WWKD: What would Kristi do?

The Kristi Gaddy Memorial site was born from the devastating and unexpected loss of Kristi. In her life, she helped so many people and non-human animals to survive and flourish in what many would consider hopeless circumstances.

Our desire is to raise funds to implement what would have been Kristi’s life work in perpetuating and fostering care for those animals in need. We don’t yet know how this is going to take shape. Our intent is to provide immediately for Kristi’s loved ones. With ongoing support, we hope to build a fund to establish or support a not-for-profit spay/neuter and rescue foundation for animals in need in Mexico. This is a work-in-progress. Our goal is to honor Kristi, her intelligence, passion and resourcefulness, in carrying out her hopes and dreams.

What would Kristi do? We ask ourselves this question to encourage us to rise to the challenge, to keep to the task of finding solutions as our guiding purpose, and compassion in our hearts. Kristi served as an inspiration to us all. Please help in any way you can – with ideas, insights or donations. Thank you.

Web site and memorial fund constructed and maintained by Kristi’s bereaved friends: Shawn Ferguson, Heather Woodke and Jennifer Ward. With all our love.