For all those who knew, loved or were touched by Kristi – this page is intended to view photos and to share comments, stories and memories of that warm, joyful, clever, passionate, SO smart, adventurous, fun, critter-loving and wonderful, wonderful, extraordinary human being: Kristi Gaddy. This world has suffered a great loss with Kristi’s passing, but we all gained from knowing her. This site is for celebration and for expressing the way Kristi touched our lives. And if Kristi’s example has served as an inspiration to you, please share this with us too.

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  1. Heather says:

    Kristi, I love this picture of you – this is how I remember you outside with your pack…I remember those long drives to the dunes outside of Pullman…the ratio of dogs to humans was at least five to one – the way we all wanted it! I miss you!

    • jon kelly says:

      Wow I just found out that kristi had passed away. I’m so very sorry, I new and dated kristi back in high school in newport ore, I loved her then and still do. I havent talked to kristi in about 20 years but I thought about her offten. I’ll remember her smile and laughter. to the famliy I’m sorry

    • Liza says:

      I killed a bug today on accident! Sorry! But.. this Saturday, with you in my heart I helped a cat who was stuck in a tree all night! I was like “Kristi help me here!!!” and you did because the big dog waiting at the bottom of the tree stayed put and let me coax the cat down! I miss you.

  2. Bobbie Joe says:

    What a beautiful treasure you were inside and out. I wish we could have met.

  3. Liza Jimenez says:

    I miss you so much! WWKD? What would Kristi Do? I have not killed one bug since you passed away! Okay, I did kill one flea, but I think that’s okay…. Love you!

  4. Edna lamb Correa says:

    My beautiful Kristi, you know what? .. animals aren’t so bad (me, not an animal lover) I leave the bugs be, & will not intenionally hurt them, & don’t worry about your mom, we will all take good care of her. I will miss you forever.

  5. Joon Kim says:

    I know that you are in a better place, but I miss you Kristi!!!! I think of you ALL the time, So glad you were a part of my life. You will always be in my heart. Love you girl!!!

  6. Jeanie says:

    I was drawn to you the moment I saw you across the dissection table in our freshman anatomy lab maybe the first week of vet school. You had the most warm smile and eyes and conveyed such kindness and openness. I was soon to find how infectious your laugh was and knew that we’d be friends.

    You became an inspiration to me. I admired your endless capacity for compassion and creativity. I remember how you fought for Sadie, your surgery dog, giving her not only a new lease on life, but the best life any dog could ever hope for. I know this holds true for all creatures lucky enough to have crossed your path.

    You made your little trailer into a beautiful, unique, inviting home for your critters and all who entered there. You were the greatest “Mother Earth” for Halloween EVER! And what will now forever stay with me, you created a wonderful compilation of songs which you called “Songs of Sunshine” – such a reflection of who you are – full of light, always shining, and warming all those you ever touch.

  7. Heather says:

    Hi Jeanie! That was beautiful! I didn’t remember that Sadie was Kristi’s (or Christi at that time! ) surgery dog. I do remember how happy Sadie was when she freed her and took her home – Kristi transformed her. Remember that swing in her living room?

  8. Roman and Espie Latimer says:


    We had never met you but we know all about you thru your Mom and Edna and how they were and are very proud of you and love you dearly. From all of the pictures we saw , we got to know you much better and your tender love for animals. We will keep Aunt Edna and Mom Lili busy with all questions we have about you especially your great accomplishments.

  9. Liza Jimenez says:

    Hello friends and family. Just a reminder to please have your hearts checked if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or are a smoker. Visit the American heart association web page for more information.

    Kristi, we love you and think of you ALWAYS!

    Love, Liza

    ps. Me and David are going to get tickets to see “American Idiot” in your honor.

  10. Judy kuhn says:

    Krusti was the most special little girl. when I first met her at 4 years old, She would not let anyone step on a bug! She always knew she was going to be a Vetenarian. She worked toward that goal and never let anything get in the way if her dreams.
    Kristi was beautiful inside and out.

  11. Sylvia Lamb says:

    Kristi, I will miss you!!
    I know where ever you are you are happy.
    You mom is a strong person and she has all our love.
    Be in peace.
    I love you

  12. Gloria Martin says:

    I remember the first time I got drunk was with you at the tender age of 14 yeras old. We drank a couple of cans of Budweiser and I got so sick…it was the best time. You always had a smile on your face and always were so full of joy. Of course every time we hung out there was a party going on. But it seems that no matter where you were the atmosphere was always festive. You drenched your surroundings with pure happiness, it was infectious.
    I will imagine you walking the shores of the heavens just like the picture above, befriending every creature in the universe, projecting sheer love throughout all space and time.
    xoxoxo, until we meet again prima…….

  13. Michael wong says:

    Ahh Heather I forgot she had a garden swing in her living room. She was an extraordinary woman. Thank you ladies for putting this together.

  14. Bree says:

    This is such a beautiful website. I come here often to look at pictures of Kristi and remember the amazing woman, person, and animal lover she was.

    Kristi and Lili were my mom’s neighbors in Crest…We would get together and have a drink and a chat often. Kristi became our family vet and she helped me with all the animals that I, too, adopted, found, or foster-parented over the years. Kristi always provided me with advice, home visits, and friendship that I will never forget.

    I loved Kristi so much and was in shock when I heard 2 days before my birthday that Kristi suddenly left this earth. It gave me such a perspective on life…How lucky we are to wake up every day and continue to live out our experience. I still grieve for all of our losses, and for all the family (animals included) that she left behind, especially Lili. I think about Kristi every day but I know she is at peace. The best we can do is to try to find peace within ourselves and let our positive memories of her fill up the hole that is now left inside of us.

    Last week, I went over to visit my mom, and we took a walk with her dog, Rocky, who Kristi had saved and adopted out to my mom and her husband. We went to Kristi and Lili’s house, Lili had left the previous day and moved to be with her family in New Mexico. The place felt so full of their energies, it was so intense but really beautiful. I took a windchime that hung outside Kristi’s bedroom window, and it now hangs outside my own patio, just under the large palm tree that houses, among many other creatures, 3 green wild parrots that randomly came to live in our presence recently. I can’t help but think that some part of Kristi lives on in this beautiful wild world we live in. Kristi will always remain in my memories and in my heart for ever more.

  15. ceci says:

    kristi! … en ocasiones no comprendemos el paso tan corto por esta tierra de ángeles como tu.. si bien y por que la distancia no convivimos mucho tiempo pero siempre admire tu sensibilidad y tu manera de disfrutar la vida y amar los animales! Le pido a Dios por lo que nos quedamos en este mundo en donde definitivamente nos haràs falta! mi tia lili para que Dios le de toda la fuerza que se necesita paro sobreponerse de este paso! y sin màs un placer haberte conocido! un ejemplo! :) tqm cecilia vargas (mexico)

  16. Julie Castillo says:

    Miss you so much Kri. I wish I could just pick up my phone and call you right now. I know you are watching over and sending us all strengh. You will never know what a tragic loss this is for all of us. You are so loved. Oh and PS …. Thanks for getting me a Li back together – only you could do that for us. Love u.

  17. Liza Jimenez says:

    I wish I could call you and tell you about a dream I had that you were living in a tree house with a 1/2 monkey guy. You were flying around the trees with a tool belt and you helped an injured leemur! I asked you “where are you, what happened” you responded “I don’t know girl but its such a trip!” You gave me a big hug. It was a great dream!!!!

    PS: I’ve been blasting Green Day in my car….you know I hated Green Day!

  18. Heather Woodke says:

    I can’t do Green Day – sorry Kristi! but everyone check out Aterciopelados, a Columbian band, anything prior to 2003. Our friend Alpheus introduced us and I always think they are so Kristi – she really liked them.
    Hi Mike – hope all yours are healthy and well!

  19. Chris Ward says:

    I’m so glad to see all the great pics from the Cook Islands! Most of mine are packed in a box in WA (pre-digi days). I thought I had the ones of us goofing off with tea cups on our eyes, searched and searched. Thanks for getting those, and all the rest, up on this lovely site. I have a great Cook Islands story if it’s okay with Jen if I share it…..

  20. nancy says:

    Gracias lili por compartido tu tesoro con nosotros …

  21. Lili says:

    I have been wanting to write something to honor my beautiful baby girl, but to be honest I’m so sad, and it is so hard, I’m so heart broken, but I do not want to let another day go by; I want to thank all of you for all your support and amazing kindness that you have showed for me and my Kristi, I could of never survived this without you. Shawn, Jen, heather, Jennie, and Chris, from the bottom of my heart, I will forever be greatfull for this beautiful memorial site that you created to honor my daughter’s legacy and passion that she sincerely felt for all big and small.
    My angel Bev, what would of done without you, along with my Wilma.
    My sisters, my brothers, my nieces and all my beautiful friends, I thank you for lifting me and carrying away from this terrible dark fog. I love you all

  22. Heather says:

    horrid saturday – three euhanasias : tears, two hugs and one reprieve. Third one was a distant relative of Doggy X’s owner who said he would take Doggy X out to shoot unless she took in and had put to sleep, supposedly not eating or walking anymore, and having diarrhea everywhere. This is Doggy X’s third home since original owner died. Doggy X bouncing around room, wagging tail, delivers a nice healthy BM, and does not want to go….These situations are always difficult, finally convinced relative to relinquish Doggy X for further analysis…i.e. tune up and find his forever home. Surprisingly, this process involves negative emotions not only from distant relative but staff as well who feel we, as vets, should perform whatever tasks said owner requests??!! I know for a fact that Kristi would say that is pure, unadulterated bullshit!!! She gave me strength on Saturday and will continue to do so when fighting for the underdog (literally!) Most definitely a WWKD moment, thank you Kristi, and Doggy X thanks you too!

  23. Liza says:

    just watched the video of Ruben’s wedding. That was our last trip of many to Mexico! It was hard to watch… but damn you looked so pretty at the wedding! Fun video of us dancing and having a great time. This is how I will remember you Prima… all tan and happy on the beach with a fancy drink with a pink umbrella. I miss you.

  24. Shawn says:

    Kristi, I think of you every day, and I see you in the world around. I hope you know that all the “children” are doing so well. Flash is curled up next to me right now, and Tessa is snoozing on the rug. Penny Lane is headed for a 2nd surgery tomorrow, and Manina is lady of the manor at Jen’s house. It is hard to accept that you won’t be in Quincy’s life as she grows. I had always seen you as her Earth Mother, and knew that she would be bonded to you. She asks about you a lot, and we tell her you are in the rainbows and the trees. I thought of you the other day when we went looking for bugs in the weeds. I miss you. I love you.

  25. Vanessa says:

    The new doctor started last week…

    I finally got to work with him on friday…
    I was waiting for him to come out of an exam room and it was taking forever..
    I looked into the peep-hole in the door and there he was.. sitting on the floor with the dog..
    talking up to his owners in their chairs..
    Seeing him sitting there was like you had given your approval..
    I think he will fit in just fine.

    Not a day goes by at work that I don’t think of you.

  26. Jill says:

    Dr. Gaddy–I just found out when we took Tyler in to see you (we thought) yesterday . . . I am so saddened by the news of your passing. You were the best vet ever, the only one I completely trusted to care for my fur babies as much as I did. There was a special aura about you when you were examining and interacting with animals–it was clear that you connected with them on a very deep level. Thank you for all you did for us over the years–you truly blessed our lives. We will miss you!

  27. Vern and Copper says:

    I looked up the rancho Vet website to pass the number to my mom. You were so kind to my tortoise and my dog. Thank you for your commitment to animals. Life is about impacting the world and others 2 legged or 4. God bless

  28. Eric says:

    I just found out about Kristi yesterday when I called SSDVH and talked to Brenda. I think I’m still in shock and at a loss for words. Kristi was such a huge inspiration in my life. Although she wasn’t the biggest fan of my political views, I wouldn’t change the time we spent together for anything. Whenever I was at her house, she always made me feel at home. The one thing she did is remind me that I wasn’t crazy about my passion, compassion, sympathy and empathy for all animals, large and small. We were definitely two peas in a pod when animals came into the picture. Regardless of her stubbornness with her politics and Green Day (lol), I always tried to make it a point everyday to tell her how beautiful she was and the she was such a “Good Soul.” Lili was always just as amazing and kind to me. I could always see how much pride and love she had for Kristi. I can’t even imagine what she is going through. I just hope Heaven didn’t forget to have a huge round bed, suspended from the sky for her. I just wish I could have said goodbye, for now. I’m sure most everyone feels the same. Shawn, it was such a pleasure to have met you and the baby when you were down. If you talk to Lili, please send her my deepest condolences. Kristi, I’ll always love you, think of you daily, appreciate everything you taught me and I know we will see each other again on the other side. God Bless you… Eric

  29. Lili says:

    Happy birthday my beautiful daughter, you and Alex are probably having the best time up there , without worries, only eternal happiness…..both of you forever young!

  30. Shawn says:

    You left us with a hole in our hearts, one year ago today. But this hole is filled, some days with disbelief, some days with sorrow, many days with warm smiles and memories that creep in at the most random of moments. You stay with me, in my thoughts. Your compassion stays with me, as my inspiration. Your vision stays with me, when I dream about “what next?” The world shifted its weight when you were born, and when you left. I miss you deeply, but here you are, with me. I love you.

  31. Quincy says:

    Quincy’s memories of you are fed by stories and photos, and by her own hazy sense of self from her early days. Whatever the source, she knows you and always wants to know more. You are a beautiful symbol to her – the beauty of nature. Butterflies, rainbows, trees. How fitting it is that nature is where we return. I’m happy she can know you in this perfect way.

  32. Lili says:

    Well Kristi, in your honor and to mark your 1st year since you left, we went to “Love Island” where we made it to be your resting place, you were all over that place, I know you love it there..the perfect..magical paradise, even one of the many butterflies that came to greet us , like the first time allowed me to caress her….I know it was you! So we swam, we thru daisy petals in your resting place, we drank and it was the best day!! I will always miss you and wish you were still here in this world, but I also know you are in the right place, and happy. Take Alex by the hand and fly everywhere, like beautiful butterflies that you are, with no worries and forever young!! Yo Momma

  33. david says:

    I just saw that Kristi Gaddy had passed away! I am sorry to hear this. I met her when she was at WSU, and I was attending U of I. What happened?

  34. Lili says:

    You’ve been gone from us already one and a half year, you were taken from us at the prime of your beautiful existence, so young and beautiful, but most of all an incredibly amazing human being….you are gone but not forgotten. Just know this kristi, that I’m living the life that I know you want me to have, with the great help from all our love ones.
    I know that now you know how many people love you, that you touched their lives in such a special way.
    The hole in my heart will forever be there, because I miss your laughter, I miss your beauty, I miss your intelligence, I miss your singing….lol…always singing.
    Kristi your Momma loves you!

  35. Heather says:

    Hi Kristi – just looking through old pictures and thinking of you – wonder what you’d be up to now…you probably would have discovered some more great bands and have at least 100 pigeons by now?

  36. Shawn says:

    Know that you still inspire me. I miss you deeply but you are with me every day – I am so thankful for that.

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